Fusion gull

It is robust, elegant and exotic at the same time. The golden boiling water tap by Quooker brings instant boiling water and instant cool chic to the kitchen. All that glitters is gold, but don’t be fooled: the glittering gold layer hides some ingenious technology!

Gold rush

After a period of cool colours like silver, grey and chrome, it’s now time to bring some warm glamour into the home. Gold is a real power colour and stands for victory, celebration, success and wealth. But don’t forget the practical advantages: gold goes with everything!

The advantages of a Quooker

The Fusion gold is a mixer tap and boiling-water tap in one, with all the advantages of the familiar Quooker. Energy efficient, safe, water saving, space saving and above all time saving. It switches immediately from cold to boiling water and back.

Sleek design

Apart from the 24kt. golden finish, the sleek design of the Quooker tap remains the same. The Fusion gold is available as Fusion Square and Fusion Round, so as a mixer tap with a sleek square or decorative round spout. The matching soap dispenser is also available in a gold finish.

Soap dispenser gold Fusion Square gold Fusion Round gold

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Fusion gull with PRO3-VAQ B NO 28.800,-
Fusion gull with COMBI NO 31.800,-
Fusion gull with COMBI+ NO 31.800,-
Soap dispenser gull NO 5.600,-